Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - General

Why should I purchase training from the CX Institute?

CX Institute training is based on Temkin Group’s extensive research and the expertise it’s developed from helping numerous organizations become more customer-centric. We created online training to provide employees across an organization with the knowledge and skills they need to help transform their organizations.

How do I purchase individual training?

You can purchase individual training with a credit card and then gain immediate access to a specific online training package for a specified amount of time. After making your payment, you will be provided with a link to start your training immediately.

What is included in an online training package?

An online training package is a self-paced, online education and includes two sections: Training Courses and Related Materials.

The Training Courses section will typically include one or more interactive training modules designed by CX Institute. The Related Materials are designed to help you better understand the topics covered in the training courses and to refresh and reinforce what you have learned after you have completed the training courses. Related Materials will typically be in the form of PDF files that you can download, save, and print or will be in the form of links to web pages that contain additional items to supplement your learning.

How can I purchase training for multiple people?

If you are thinking about training fewer than 20 employees, then you should purchase individual training for each person. For larger groups of people, you may consider our Corporate Training option. To discuss training options, please contact the CX Institute at

What’s the difference between corporate training and individual training?

Corporate training consists of customized training packages for companies that want to train 20 or more employees. CX Institute will work with companies to determine the appropriate content for those training packages. Individual training consists of “off-the- shelf,” self-paced online training that individual can purchase and access immediately.

If I leave a training course before I complete it, will CX Institute “remember” where I left off?

Yes, CX Institute interactive training course modules do bookmark where you were when you left off, and when you return, it will ask whether you would like to resume or restart from the beginning.

How long will I have access to the materials in the online training?

Learners are enrolled in online training for a defined period of time determined by your individual or company’s license. Usually, the duration of the license will be six months from the date you are enrolled in the training.

Can we get additional support in our customer experience efforts?

If your company is looking for support beyond online training, Temkin Group can help with a variety of services including consulting, executive coaching, and on-site training.

How can I learn more about customer experience beyond the CX Institute training?

Temkin Group’s blog – Customer Experience Matters® – is a great place to learn more about customer experience. In addition to posts, the blog includes a variety of free resources like infographics, videos, and assessments, along with our CX research reports. You can also learn more about individual online training offerings at

Who can I contact for additional help?

If you have additional questions, please email

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